Triathlon Coaching and Personal Training, located in
Virginia Beach, and the surrounding Hampton
Roads area.  Founder, Mitchell Kieffer, was
wounded in combat while serving in Iraq, and
crowned the
prestigious award from the United States Olympic
Committee's 'Warrior Games'. He is still serving the
US Air Force on active duty, stationed at Langley
Air Force Base, Virginia. He has extensive
knowledge and experience coaching numerous
individual and team sports, Olympic/Power lifting,
Crossfit-style circuit training, bodybuilding/figure
competition, etc.  He led a team of over 100
members to the best physical fitness testing levels in
their greater than 75 year history.  He has been a
Certified 'Master Personal Trainer' for over 10
years.  He has trained adults and adolescents,
athletes at all levels, along with high profile
individuals and celebrities.
I live by a hard work philosophy and believe in giving  100% effort. I am going to push you beyond your
comfort zone, building character and toughness that will not only positively effect your workout, but carry
over into other parts of your life.  Working out is about breaking thresholds, both physical and mental.  
Every time you tell yourself to push a little harder when you want to quit, you will become a stronger
Embrace pain like a lover.  You will find it easier to adapt to adversity and take on every
challenge with confidence and self-assurance.  I understand that most people do not have the luxury of putting
in the amount of time that professional athletes have to train, so I utilize my extensive knowledge of training
techniques to create a training plan that gives you the best bang for your buck for the time that you have.
Triathlon Coaching & Personal Training (Hampton Roads, VA)
I love to help others achieve their goals and feel better about themselves.  I help with building strength and
cardio training plans, nutritional plans and guidance, and motivation to break through plateaus.  I look
forward to hearing from you, and cannot wait to help you achieve what you did not think was possible!
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